Friday, 9 November 2018

Must try when you in Semporna, Sabah

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

It surprises me to find that many Sabahan has never been to Semporna before. If budget is the issue, travelling now is much cheaper and easier. Especially, in this digital era, proper planning can be done from many resources. Here are my suggestions on things you must try when you in Semporna. School holiday starts soon, so please make sure Semporna is one of the places to visit.

1. Try the local foods (mostly seafood)

  • Lato'
  • Tompek
  • Putu
  • Sagol
  • Kerabu agar-agar (see my previous post for tutorial how to make it)
  • Kimah
  • Kahanga
p/s: too bad I don't have a pic of each food that I listed above. But at least you know the name 😁

2. Day trip to an islands

Tatagan island. seagypsy semporna

Tatagan island. seagypsy semporna

Sibuan Island

Sibuan Island
Sibuan Island

Sibuan Island

Jetty Bohey Dulang

Hiking at Bohey Dulang
View from the top of Bohey Dulang

  • If you plan to hike at Bohey Dulang, please bring your own sports shoes or else you need to rent sports shoes for RM10. Most importantly bring enough food and water.
  • Day trip starts at 8am end at 4pm. 
  • Day trip package price range starts at RM65-RM85 per person. Ada sesetengah guide dia tetapkan cukup 12orang baru on. Kena rajin survey dan pandai tawar.

3. Overnight at Lato Lato resort

Resort in the middle of the sea

  • Price range starts from RM150 per night and per person (termasuk makan).
  • Boat fees RM150 return limit 12 people.
  • Electricity supply starts around 6pm-6am only. So, please make sure phone and power bank have enough battery to capture all the beautiful view.

If you need a place to stay in Semporna which are affordable, comfortable and away from the bustle of the city you can try our Lodge. You can survey first by visit our facebook page and Instagram at Hamulawan_Cafe_Lodge or direct call/WhatsApp 01133749336 (En Fikri) or 01119576922 (Cik Farhanah).

p/s: English is not my native language. I apologize for grammar errors in my posts. this is my way to practice English 😅

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